Men's Swimwear Styles

Published: 23rd April 2009
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Both men and women love to swim and there are swimwear designed for both. Just like women's, men's swimwear too comes in different shapes, colors and sizes. They are also designed for various swimming places because different places have different rules for people who want to swim. Nowadays, very creative swimwear for men have come up, designed using the best materials such as the spandex. Spandex is an elastic fiber material good for making swimwear because of its stretching capabilities.

If you are a man who loves swimming, you now have a variety of swimwear to select from and you can do away with the normal boxers you have been using. If you thought bikinis are just for women, you are in for a surprise because men too have their own bikinis that come in different styles. G-strings is one bikini style and this looks just like the female one but covers the male under parts very well and is comfortable. The g-string is available in a variety of colors.

Besides the g-string is the thongs which offer great comfort too. These are another amazing swimwear designed for the male body and are best worn when you want to do a lot of sunbathing as they are small with thin sides strings to allow maximum exposure to the sun.

The styles are so many you will have difficulties choosing but am sure you have your tastes and this should not be difficult. Don't' forget to look at the bikini pouch which I think is fascinating. The designer was really creative when he came up with this style that looks like a pouch and covers only the penis. It has strings for tying just in case you were wondering how it works and so cannot easily fall. But I guess this one is not for all of us especially the shy ones. The pouch is perhaps the smallest design in size and also allows for sunbathing and tanning. Try this one if you think you are bold enough but then again it will depend on where you are.

For those of you who prefer some feel of sexual pleasure, try the erotic designs fitted with plug holders. Just from their name, they are meant to give you a bit of sexual feel while you enjoy your self as they are stimulating. Then of course, the femwear design that gives the penis a different and smaller look. But if you'd like your penis to appear larger than it is you won't be disappointed.

For the string bikinis you will find those that you tie at the side and those you put on like any underwear. You have probably been to a water sport competition and noticed the swimwear worn by the men there. They have a full back, V-shaped and a lining at the front. These are the Speedos and are good for divers as they fit well and provide perfect support. You can visit a couple of online sites that offer men's swimwear for this and more styles.

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